Thursday, November 17, 2011

Color is nearly complete! Can't wait to see the end result :)
Both black and white portraits are complete and now it's time to start full color!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Self Portrait; grisalles finished! now onto color. Thanks goes to my mentor Jenny Morgan for giving my the right guidance.  She had given me this assignment, and I truly believe that my new-found confidence in my work is all thanks to her.

On the right, the start to a portrait of my friend and fellow illustrator, Delia.

The theme surrounding my self portrait is "Strength", and for Delia's, "Disgust." This will all be linked along with a third portrait. All will make up a mini series of sorts I'm working with to break emotions down and make the poses as well as body language and expressions as subtle as possible.  Emotion, as well as the life in the eyes of my portraits is what remains most important to me.  If people can really feel a connection, I've done my job.  I will continue to develop this through use of color, brush technique, but in the meantime, it's most important for me to remain "academic" in my approach.  Gaining more experience in painting with oils is what I plan to focus on. 

And thanks again to my amazing mentor for really showing me I can actually do what I truly want to do as an "illustrator" and artist.  
Grisailles of Erin Glover.  I'll post the full color version eventually. The focus of the piece was lighting. I chose an aquarium :)
Something I'm working on now. This is the finished grisailles of my beautiful model Amelianne. Next step will be full color.
Illustration for a musical artist of our choice. Nina Hagen!

Shari Ross depicted as a Tim Burton character!